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Pathological gambling induces significant financial damage. Often those concerned must borrow from banks and / or relatives, or sell their personal property such as their car or home. They even end up putting themselves in difficult situations under the law.

This situation regularly destroys family balance. This is even more true if the pathological behavior has been successfully concealed for long periods (somGreat Deals etimes years) through mountains of lies.When the situation becomes unbearable the risk of passing to the suicidal act is major.

Make it out

As with all addictions and almost all chronic diseases, the early management of gambling addiction is predictive of a positive development. You could say that the earlier you start with treatment, the greater the chances of getting out. Make a visit to for the best choices.

What the Studies Show

According to studies, the probability of recovery can reach 60% but often there are squeal: consequences of successive over-indebtedness, unsupported depressive episodes, abuse of other substances. Even if gambling addiction does not poses more problem, when one has been a pathological player for a long time how to relive in a situation of over-indebtedness, how to accept this new life and adapt to it?

How to find a certain ease after a whole life spent in casinos?

An early approach is therefore a good measure. Then, as with all addictions, the first contact can be their general practitioner. He is the one who knows his patient and his history best. He will advise and follow him in his approach. He will be the relay with the specialists.

  • But very quickly, in addictions, specialized care should be considered. In all the departments, there are medico-social, specialized, multidisciplinary structures called either or in certain places Madison Addictions.
  • Consultations in these structures are free and are carried out with respect for confidentiality. They are aimed at people in difficulty, but also families and relatives. They offer simple information, support, care suggestions. You can find social, educational and therapeutic help there.

For gambling addiction, the therapeutic programs offered are based on cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy as well as pharmacological treatment. Often a special care of the family or close entourage is also necessary. Depending on the severity of the gambling addiction, hospitalization may even be necessary.

Addiction Problem

Addiction to games, also known as pathological gambling, defines an addiction to any gambling or video game. The player loses the notions of pleasure and conviviality and becomes a slave to the game. The player gives up his social life, his personal and professional life for the exclusive benefit of the game. It is a psychiatric pathology, and it constitutes an addiction, as well as psychotropic substances (cocaine, heroin.)

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